AMO Studio, based in Copenhagen, specializes in a broad range of services covering the Nordic countries and Europe. This creative hub excels in film creation, including assistant shooting and commercial projects, offering comprehensive services in editing and more. With a talented team comprising skilled filming crews and a diverse array of actors and actresses, AMO Studio is dedicated to delivering high-quality cinematic experiences. Their expertise spans various aspects of film production, ensuring a professional and creative approach to each project.


AMO Studio, nestled in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, is a versatile and dynamic creative hub that caters to a wide array of film and media needs across the Nordic countries and Europe. Renowned for its diverse range of services, the studio excels in both creation and assistance, offering expertise in various aspects of film production. Their portfolio extends from conceptualizing and executing film projects to providing essential support in assistant shooting and commercial endeavors.

What sets AMO Studio apart is its comprehensive approach to servicing the film industry. They not only offer a team of highly skilled filming crews, actors, and actresses, but also provide a complete solution for equipment needs. This includes both rental and sales, ensuring that every project, regardless of its scale, is equipped with the best tools in the industry.

The studio’s commitment to quality and versatility makes it a one-stop destination for all filming requirements, from the drawing board to the final cut. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, AMO Studio stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the European film industry.


Amo Studio seems to offer comprehensive services for commercial production. With a full filming crew, they cover various aspects from content creation to script polishing. Their team includes actors predominantly from Scandinavia and Asia, providing a diverse range of talents for commercials. This setup suggests they’re equipped to handle a variety of projects, ensuring a professional and culturally diverse approach to commercial filmmaking.

Film Making

Amo Studio’s approach to filmmaking is quite comprehensive and versatile. By engaging in independent film production, they handle various critical aspects such as screenwriting and producing in-house. This level of involvement suggests a strong commitment to creative control and a focus on bringing unique visions to life.

Moreover, their involvement in film co-production work indicates a willingness to collaborate with other entities, which can bring additional resources, expertise, and perspectives to a project. This kind of collaboration is often crucial in the film industry for scaling up production, reaching wider audiences, and blending different cultural or artistic views.

Equipment Rental

Amo Studio’s service of renting out filming equipment, especially their specialization in filming lights like Nanlite, indicates a focus on providing high-quality, professional-grade gear to clients. Nanlite is known for its versatile and reliable lighting solutions, which are essential for a wide range of film and photography projects.

By offering rental services for such specialized equipment, Amo Studio caters to a diverse clientele, including independent filmmakers, photography studios, and even larger production companies that might need additional resources. This service not only provides clients with access to top-notch equipment but also offers a cost-effective solution for productions that might not have the budget to purchase such gear outright.

The choice of specializing in lighting equipment like Nanlite also suggests that Amo Studio has expertise in lighting techniques and understands the crucial role lighting plays in visual storytelling. Good lighting can dramatically enhance the mood, depth, and overall quality of visual content, whether it’s for film, television, or photography.


Amo Studio’s range of services is quite extensive and tailored to different commercial needs. Their indoor studio for business portraits is likely well-equipped and designed to create professional and high-quality images. This service is essential for businesses and professionals who need polished and sophisticated portraits for various purposes, like corporate profiles, LinkedIn, or company websites.

Additionally, their service for restaurants, focusing on creating menu photos, indicates a specialization in food photography. With full equipment at their disposal, they can capture the essence and appeal of culinary creations, which is crucial for restaurants. Good food photography can significantly enhance a menu’s appeal, attract customers, and effectively convey the restaurant’s culinary style and quality.

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We work with final stage of post-production where a film is refined and enhanced. This process includes editing for narrative flow, color grading for visual style, adding or improving visual and sound effects, and ensuring high-quality audio. It’s a crucial phase that significantly impacts the overall quality and effectiveness of the film.

Video Editing

Amo Studio’s work in video editing indicates a focus on refining and enhancing video content to achieve a polished and professional final product. This process typically involves cutting and rearranging footage, adjusting pacing and rhythm, adding transitions, and possibly incorporating special effects, sound design, and color grading. Good video editing is crucial in storytelling, as it shapes the way the audience perceives and engages with the content.

IP Creation/Tiktok

Amo Studio’s involvement with IP (Intellectual Property) creation on TikTok suggests they focus on developing original content specifically for this platform. This involves crafting unique, creative, and engaging videos that stand out in TikTok’s fast-paced and trend-driven environment. Their work likely combines innovation with an understanding of TikTok’s audience and content trends, aiming to create memorable and potentially viral content.

Short Films/Series

Amo Studio’s work with short films on various platforms like TikTok and YouTube, focusing on episodes of around 5 minutes each, demonstrates their expertise in creating concise, engaging content suited for digital audiences. This format is ideal for today’s viewers who often prefer quick, captivating stories. Their approach likely involves tight storytelling, creative visuals, and possibly episodic narratives to keep the audience engaged across multiple short episodes. This kind of content is well-suited for platforms where users consume media in brief, yet frequent sessions.

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