Public Relations Services

Brand Perception

Brand perception in public relations (PR) is a critical concept that refers to how a brand is viewed and understood by the public, including customers, stakeholders, and the wider community. At China Gateway ApS, this perception is shaped by a variety of factors and can significantly influence a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, and overall success.

Business Plan

China Gateway ApS assists businesses in navigating both the Chinese and Danish markets, offering expertise in market trends, cultural adaptation, and regulatory compliance. They help establish local partnerships, adapt products for each market, and develop tailored marketing strategies. Their support is crucial for companies looking to succeed in these diverse and dynamic markets.

Social Media

China Gateway ApS collaborates with Danish and European social media and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to enhance market presence and engagement. This partnership leverages the influence of KOLs and social media platforms to effectively reach and communicate with target audiences in the Danish and European markets, utilizing their expertise in digital marketing and influencer collaborations.

Launching Service

China Gateway ApS provides vital services in helping Chinese and Danish companies establish themselves in each other’s markets. They specialize in government relations, strategy, policy, media management, and opening sales channels, bridging the gap between the two diverse business cultures of China and Denmark.

Offline Event

China Gateway ApS excels in organizing offline events, specializing in commercial, private, and VIP events, as well as shows. Your emphasis on professional event management showcases your team’s expertise in creating successful, high-quality events tailored to specific client needs. This aspect of your services adds significant value, particularly in fostering business relationships and cultural exchange between China and Denmark.


China Gateway ApS offers comprehensive assistance in media planning and commercial strategies, covering both traditional and new media platforms. This ensures companies can effectively navigate and utilize diverse media channels for optimal market impact.

Our Specialties

China Gateway ApS, being the only and most qualified PR company of Chinese origin in Denmark, primarily caters to enterprises with overseas media needs. Its expertise lies in government and media relations. With an extensive network, the company prides itself on being highly responsive and reliable. Their media team is seasoned with years of experience, ensuring top-notch service in public relations and communications.


“PR is mysterious; it's as if everyone understands it yet doesn't, as if it's needed and yet not. With China Gateway ApS, discover the PR you truly need”

Xin Liu, CEO of China Gateway APS