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MO6, hailing from the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark, stands out as a unique gem in the European music scene. This fusion band has skillfully blended the rich traditions of Chinese music with Western influences, creating a soundscape that is both innovative and captivating. At the heart of their ensemble is the Zhongruan, a traditional Chinese plucked string instrument known for its mellow and deep tones. Complementing the Zhongruan are other Chinese instruments like the Erhu, known for its emotive and expressive sound.

The band also integrates classic Western instruments, including the classical guitar and flute, creating a harmonious blend of East and West. Their vocal styles add yet another layer to their diverse musical tapestry. MO6’s approach to music is a testament to the power of cultural fusion, showcasing how diverse musical traditions can come together to create something truly extraordinary. Their performances are not just concerts but cultural bridges, connecting audiences across continents through the universal language of music.

About the Instrument

Sean He

Sean He, the innovative force behind the fusion band MO6, stands out as a remarkable musician and content creator. His expertise in the Chinese traditional instrument ZhongRuan adds a unique flair to his musical ventures, showcasing his dedication to blending traditional sounds with contemporary music. Sean’s creative vision and skillful execution have been pivotal in establishing MO6 as a band that pushes the boundaries of music genres, demonstrating his commitment to exploring new musical landscapes while respecting historical roots. His versatility as a musician and creator is a testament to his deep understanding of music as a universal language and his ability to seamlessly integrate diverse musical elements.

The ZhongRuan, a central instrument in Sean He’s repertoire, is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument known for its deep, mellow tones and versatility in various musical genres. It is part of the Ruan family, which has a history spanning over two thousand years. The ZhongRuan, specifically, is a medium-sized lute with a circular body and a fretted neck, typically featuring four strings. It is played with a plectrum and is known for its rich, resonant sound that can range from soothing and lyrical to robust and rhythmic.

About the Instrument

Erhu, Guitar & Flute

The fusion band MO6, spearheaded by Sean He, is a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions, exemplified by the diverse range of instruments used by the band. Alongside Sean’s mastery of the ZhongRuan, the band features the Erhu, Flute, and Guitar, each contributing its unique sound to create a harmonious and innovative musical experience.

Erhu: This two-stringed bowed instrument, also known as a Chinese violin, has a distinctively soulful and expressive sound. It is capable of conveying a wide range of emotions, from melancholy to joy, making it a perfect complement to the more grounded tones of the ZhongRuan.

Flute: The use of the flute adds a light, airy quality to the band’s music. Its versatility allows it to weave in and out of melodies and harmonies, providing a delicate balance to the richer tones of the stringed instruments.

Guitar: The inclusion of the guitar brings a familiar Western element to the mix. Its rhythmic and harmonic capabilities bridge the gap between Eastern and Western music traditions, offering a relatable and engaging sound for a diverse audience.

About the Instrument

Guzheng, Cello & Vocal

This combination of instruments in MO6 showcases a remarkable east-meets-west approach. The traditional Chinese sounds of the ZhongRuan and Erhu, merged with the universal appeal of the Flute and Guitar, create a unique and captivating musical style. This eclectic mix not only highlights the individual beauty of each instrument but also demonstrates the band’s ability to create a cohesive and innovative sound that transcends cultural boundaries.

The inclusion of the Guzheng and Cello, along with a diverse vocal range in different languages and styles, including opera, further enriches the already eclectic and innovative soundscape of MO6, Sean He’s fusion band.


MO6, under Sean He’s creative direction, presents a truly global musical experience. The fusion of these diverse instruments and vocal styles creates a rich tapestry of sound, reflecting the band’s philosophy of blending and respecting different musical traditions. This approach not only appeals to a wide range of audiences but also stands as a testament to the unifying power of music across different cultures and genres.



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