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A Strategic Future

Marketing. Brand. event production.

Public & Media Relations

At China Gateway ApS, we specialize in dynamic public relations, focusing on branding, new media, and social media strategies. Our team skillfully crafts compelling narratives, leveraging advanced digital platforms to elevate your brand’s presence, foster meaningful connections, and position your business as a leader in its field.

Event & Showes

Events and Shows service is where creativity meets flawless execution. Specializing in comprehensive event management, we bring your vision to life with expert design and construction. Our operation of events and shows is seamless, ensuring each occasion is not just an event, but an unforgettable experience. From corporate functions to grand exhibitions, we handle every detail with precision and passion, setting the stage for truly remarkable moments.

Music, Photo & Film

China Gateway ApS enhances your events with top-notch live band performances and custom music composition for films and commercials. Our photo and filming services, including event recording and equipment rental, ensure every memorable moment is captured with professional finesse. Elevate your experience with our artistic and technical expertise.




Biz Dev



Why Us?

Since 2002, China Gateway ApS has distinguished itself as a leader in multifaceted PR solutions, not just in Denmark but across Scandinavia. Our seasoned expertise, combined with a team that excels in PR, event management, support, and construction, positions us uniquely in the industry. Known for our creative and professional approach, we provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions that encompass various aspects of PR and marketing. Our deep understanding of both Scandinavian and Chinese markets makes us your ideal partner for effective communication and successful cross-border collaborations. Choose China Gateway ApS for an experience where innovation meets reliability, driving your vision towards remarkable success.

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