Apart from what we do for business professionals, our main goal is to reach the highest point of Leisure Travel. We want to create the best moment for people who choose us to go anywhere.

Leisure tourism has a lower entry level. Which means, anyone who wants to work with tourism, they can do it. From our point of view, if want to make sure our guests have a higher standard leisure time, it is not just bus, guide, hotel and meal. We go into details, creativity, think what our guests needs.

NO Standard Tours!

We tend to aim at special locations. Places you heard of, maybe it is not on the top of your list, or somewhere secretive. Or maybe somewhere you haven’t heard much of it. Be Unique, Be Special. Tours with tourist bus, and tours with different themes, activities, more feeling than sightseeing.

Special with Lux!

At some locations, we use Bed & Breakfast, or we hire a whole house for all our guests. We use leisure accommodations but not business hotels. We choose more local food which suits our guests’ taste. We care more of your personal needs, inquiries, and hobbies. Local but luxury, Unique but Specular.

We are in Denmark!

We operate from Copenhagen, Denmark. Geographically, it is easier for any of our Scandinavia or Nordic guests to reach us. Come for a cup of coffee, and you can find more interesting possibilities.

Let’s Travel Fashionable!

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