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17/07 Aalborg Music Hall

11/08 DKDM Music Hall

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Musican service

we work for our musicians and we also provide musician services to you who need them, either to arrange a show for your event, party or relevant situations

Learn About Zhong Ruan

Zhong  Ruan, a traditional Chinese instrument. It is rarely being used in the modern show business and less people play this instrument.


If you want to learn to play Zhong Ruan, Liu Qin, Guitar, Piano. You are welcome to choose one of our musician. Most of our musician has relation with The Danish Royal Acadamy of Music and they have full ability for teaching. The lessions can be tought off-line at Sean’s Music Studio or online. One-2-One lessions or regular clasess could be found.


Private Event

Annual Party, Theme Conference, Restaurant enviroment, or when ever you need promformance, or live music to play on background, you can choose one or more of our musicians to profom for your event. Or if you tell us about your needs, we can design the show for you.

Music Festival

If you are arranging a festival in different sizes, and you need inspiration from us or our musicians, please let us know and we might assist you with some amazing ideas. Our musicians can play solo or together. If you need to manage a symphony orchestra, we can also assist you with it. 


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Hao Deng

My interests in piano are closely related to my mother, who was a singer before. l started to learn piano from the age of nine and l chose to study in Tianjin when l was 12 years old, which greatly exercised my ability of independent living in an unfamiliar environment. I always make self-reflection about my performance. In this process, my performance skills and attitudes towards competition are all improved. During the three years bachelor period (at DKDM), I have performed a lot of times in different locations, and I tried many chamber music pieces. All these experiences are great treasure for me,which made me not only have better performance techniques, but also enjoy the feeling of share music with others.

Sean He

My life development was interesting. I started guitar learning when I was 10 years old and I started Zhong Ruan study when I was 18-year-old at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. I left modern society and went to Tibet to learn Tibetan and Buddhism or 8 years. It was a life changing 8 years and I must thank those experiences I have had. In 2016, I came back to the cities to teach guitar and Zhong Ruan in a conservatory of music before I came to Denmark for further skill development. I cannot call myself a soloist artist, but I can say I am a musician. I want to bring Zhong Ruan into the world stage and let everyone know how beautiful the sound it makes.

Ben Malinowski

I have enjoyed teaching guitar privately and in institutions for nearly ten years. I am used to working with a large variety of pupils, ranging in age and levels. Therefore my lessons are carefully tailored to your peronsal needs as a guitar student. I have recently completed a Master’s degree in guitar performance at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and I am now enrolled on the Advanced Postgraduate Programme where I am furthering my development in performance and guitar pedagogy.


Ben began playing electric guitar when he was thirteen before gaining an interest in classical guitar three years later. When he turned eighteen, he went to Edinburgh Napier University to study a Bachelor’s degree in classical music performance, where he graduated with a first class honours.

For the past three years Ben has been under the tutelage of Jesper Sivebæk and Per Pålsson at the Royal Danish Academy of Music where he recently completed his Master’s degree and is now currently enrolled in the Advanced Postgraduate Programme. As well as his studies, Ben has also participated in masterclasses with world renowned guitarists such as Leo Brouwer, David Russel, Alvaro Pierri, Judicaël Perroy and Aniello Desiderio and has performed recitals in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

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