If you need to travel for work, leisure, we are happily to assist you in suggestions and services

We are member of Travel Guarantee Foundation

Firmanavn: China Gateway ApS

CVR nr.: 26772907

Adresse: Vester Farigmagsgade, 1.3. 1606 København V

Rejsegarantifonden Nr.:2974

When you are travelling out of Denmark, you need to have a guarentee on your travel package. It doesn’t only to make sure you can come back home during economic crisis but also it is a guarentee of a qualited travel service. If you are working with China Gateway ApS, you know you are guarenteed. 


What can we do for you?

Once you start PR service in China, or you want to arrange a company Team-Work in overseas country, we can assist you dealing with airplane tickets, package tour service, itinerary design, overseas event arrangement, etc. 





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