Film Making

Film Making service became such an important element for our PR work in 2020. Everyone today loves to see beautiful photos, creative videos instead of pure article. This is why we have created a great, energic and creative team for filming services. The serivce often involve in your business profile making, location inspection film making and company excutive story telling. A good film making gives a visual feeling for anyone who are intersted in your business and it genertes more powerful reaction.

1 hr 44 min
May 31, 2020

Our service in Film making includes:

1. Promotion Theme Video   2. Company Profile Video   3. Products Info Vidoe

4. Event & Wedding                5. Meeting & Conference    6. vLog Story Film

Videos and Trailers

Short Movie

Our Crew and Production Team

Penguin Vision

Penguin Vision joined in our prodution team in 2019 Summer. It is a very small and powerful team work on the footage collection.


FOCOSO Copenhagen responsible for all of our on site production. It goes from filming background setup to lights setup, from enviroment design to scheduling.

Ciz Yoovie

Ciz Yoovie responsible for all footage editing, script synthesis, sound synthesis and product finalizing. 

Tang Film 湯池電影

Asian No.1 short film production studio, located in Taiwan. Tang Film responses for overall filming advise and quality control.


Lights Out

3.20 min | CG
Released Aug 12, 2019


6 min | CG
Released Aug 12, 2019


12min | CG
Released Aug 12, 2019


1hr 05min | CG
Released Nov 11, 2019

Bridge – 2

1hr 08min | PG
Released Jan 10, 2020

China Gateway Movies

C-Film Making

about Us

China Gateway ApS – Film Making Crew Team is a professional image oriented teamthat focues on humanity and lifestyle. Beauty, creativatiy, and professionality is the fundation, but colorful mind is the tool. We will do our best to make your demands reach the standard.


We make short film for companies as well for promotion use. We can design your script or you can come up with your own idea and we will implement your idea into the movie you like.  An usual short film for company promotion use is between 5 to 12 minutes. 


In order to make a short movie for your company, please prepare your company’s profile in written. Locate your aimed audiance and prepare the style of film you like to have. It will be much easier if you know what you like to have and where you are going to show the movie.