It doesn’t matter if you are Chinese designers or Danish designers, we will find the right person to work with you.

For Danish Designers

If you are a stage designer, commercial land designer, interior designer, creative arts activities designer or architect designer, please let us to bring you to China and work with them. We have over 1.000 factories, event companies, building companies need your help to boost creativity.

For Chinese Designers

If you are professional Chinese designers and would like to promote yourself in internal stage, especially in Scandinavia, we would like to assist you. We can help you with local media to bring up your Asian inspired solutions, art work display, even your personal promotions.

We have created a Designers forum for independent designers from Scandinavia and China. The forum was made to create more opportunities for designers from either Scandinavia especially Denmark and China to communicate, exchange ideas, solutions, as well as look for potential businesses.

If you are from Denmark, you may also join in your designers’ trip to China, meet up with Chinese enterprises, design related firms, and even find out possibilities to setup studio in China to stabilise your future businesses.

Let us know your demand and we will make it happen.