Hey, Sichuan!

Sichuan, a “well-known” location for many people. Panda land, Hot-pot land, Land of nature, start of Yantzer River, Foodies’ haven. But do you really know what Sichuan can offer?

Do You Know?

Sichuan is a hotspring haven! You can enjoy hotspring in winter, with snow around you. Or, you can enjoy hotspring in Bamboo forest. If you are a hotspring lover, you will love here.

Sichuan has the largest bamboo forest in the world. 120 square kilometers bamboo forest,and you can find around 400 different types of bamboo. In sichuan, the bamboo forest is called Bamboo Sea.

Sichuan has the greatest tea culture! Sichuan folks enjoy their tea. Each person has their own great opinion on their tea. And, they like to go to tea houses. The history of tea house can be traced back to ad 713. By the end of Qing dynesty, only in Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan), there were 516 street, and over 454 tea houses. Today, over 1/4 of Chengdu population goes to tea house daily.

They talk businesses in tea house, they meet friends, discuess about marriage, talk about their kids, parents, they dicuess everyday’s funny stories, sadness, how hard they work, how much they are in love. All in tea house.

Culture, Nature, History, everything you can find here would be breath-taking. Join in our Theme City Travel and explore the real Sichuan!